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DISNEY 8-BIT SONGSa collection of your favorite disney songs as 8-bit pieces.

love is an open door - FROZEN | when will my life begin - TANGLED | that’s how you know - ENCHANTED | wreck-it-ralph - WRECK-IT-RALPH | kiss the girl - THE LITTLE MERMAID | toy story theme - TOY STORY | hellfire - THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME | hakuna matata - THE LION KING | for the first time in forever - FROZEN | arabian nights - ALADDIN | beauty and the beast - BEAUTY AND THE BEAST | be prepared - THE LION KING | topsy turvy - THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME | pocahontas - POCAHONTAS | let it go - FROZEN


reblogging with updated link to the mix!


Our weird little bulldog, Ducky, living up to her name! A bulldog who loves to swim… Who knew?

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